Pacifiers and Potty Training

I’m at a loss as to what to do first! G is absolutely obsessed with his pacifier, and he needs to be potty trained. He’ll be 2 in November and I’m not real sure if I should take the pappi (his moniker for it) away cold-turkey or work up to it. Do I potty train … Continue reading

Our Little Soccer Player

4 makes a huge difference compared to 3! Last year, when Davis was 3, we signed him up for a soccer program. We excitedly went to Academy Sports and bought him the tiniest cleats, shin guards, shorts and soccer ball. We went to the first “practice/game” and he wouldn’t do a thing. He wouldn’t budge … Continue reading

Where Has the Time Gone?

These babies are growing way too fast! Just read back on Davis’ birth story and I’m feeling really nostalgic tonight. It’s a really poorly written post, (I’ll just blame it on being a sleep-deprived new mom) but it sure explains everything in great detail. It takes me right back to that day. It also made … Continue reading

Tour of My Art Room

Tour of My Art Room

This is the first time in going-on-9-years-of-teaching that I have had my room finished by the time school was in session. I’m usually scrambling last minute to get things ready but not this year! Here’s a tour of my art room… Flat drawers for student portfolios, paper station, drying rack & my desk. SmartBoard, learning … Continue reading

My School’s Got Talent

I’ve got some of the most talented art students in the world! It makes me so happy when they bring things from home that they have made.    This little guy was inspired by our Van Gogh unit and collaboration project; and decided to create his own version of The Starry Night.     We actually … Continue reading

Elf Shenanigans Days 7-19

Elfie’s still at it!  Day 7: Cut snowflakes and made a mess! Day 8: Got into mommy’s Christmas ribbon!  Day 9: Reading D’s favorite winter book.  Day 10: Defaced D’s baby pic. D wasn’t too pleased with this one. He thought it was mean.  Day 11: Elfie got locked out! I guess he stayed too late at … Continue reading

Elf Shenanigans…Days 1-6

Elfie, our house elf arrived last Saturday. He’s a tricky little thing! I was just thinking this morning that I would have been just a little creeped out about the Elf thing when I was little. But D LOVES it! He can’t wait to see where Elfie is, and what he’s done every morning! Day … Continue reading

Babies Grow Too Fast

A late post, but better late than never! G turned 1 on November 9th, and we had his party the next day. It was a precious little family party. The birthday boy’s throne…I love making handmade decorations. It makes things much more special! Bunting for the mantel…will probably hang this in his room.  His little … Continue reading