The first of many…hopefully.

This is my first blog entry ever. I want to have a place to put my thoughts. I like to talk a lot and sometimes my pointless jargon drives Ry crazy, so this is where I will put them!Sigh…I guess I will start now. Today was a snow day, only about 3-4 inches but enough to let school out for the day. I was torn between being ecstatic about a coffee/Today Show morning and the fact the rest of the week is going to be busy and screwed up! (Plus the fact that it tacks another day on at the end of the year!)I have the artmobile at school this week and missing one day means I will have to squeeze all of Tuesday’s classes in for the next few days. I think it will work, but it will be a stress no doubt! I also have a yearbook deadline dangling over my head until the 11th. Once that deadline is over, soon after will be Spring Break! Yay! One week of sleeping in (maybe) and dreaming of summer vacation!(BTW the artmobile is a traveling art museum sponsored by the Arkansas Arts Center. It is great for public schools and a great way for my kids to get an authentic art museum experience. Most of them have never, and may never be able to visit one!)So, the day off was nice but I will pay the rest of the week, and at the end of the year!Funny story:The artmobile comes with a traveling curator. Yesterday morning I got to school early to give him a schedule for the day and to talk to him before the first kids went through. I go out about 7:30 and knock on the door of the artmobile and everything is still locked up and no answer. I go back a at least 1o times and never got an answer. I guess I forgot to mention that he sleeps in there! This makes me start to worry and think he may have died in his sleep or something. I am really starting to freak out and I tell my administrators about it. We have a policeman that patrols our school in the morning and he ended up going out and trying to get an answer. None. Finally, about 10 minutes before my first class is to go through the exhibition he gets an answer! THANK GOD! Artmobile man couldn’t hear in the back of the truck! Needless to say, we get things under way and the kids have a great time and learn a lot!I really need to control my rambling on here! I’ll try to work on that!Till next time…  


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