Posted in January 2009

Random Thoughts Friday

1. I HAVE to find a new name for this blog! 2. I am so happy prayers are being answered for baby Harper! 3. I hope Davis sleeps a while so I can finish laundry. 4. I’m excited about going to Springfield this weekend… 5. …because I have cabin fever! 6. I need some new … Continue reading

Slum Dog Fan

This movie has to be seen. It makes me want to visit Mumbai, and adopt a bunch of kids.

Davis’ Birth Story

Gosh, I was thinking that I would be really good at this blog thing! It’s been too long since I have updated! But, I have been a little busy lately! Davis is such a great baby! He lets us sleep at night, going 3-4 hours between feedings. He wakes up to eat, but only whimpers, … Continue reading

Baby Update

I went to the doc today and there was NO CHANGE! So, we are being induced on Thursday. Hard to believe that I actually know the day that I will be going in to the hospital! I don’t know if there will be much sleeping between now and then! Or maybe I will sleep better … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

New years eve this year was different. This was the first year that Ryan and I have stayed at home! The year before last we went Disney World, and last year we spent it in New York City with my best friend Belinda and her husband Albert. But, even though we weren’t actually watching the … Continue reading