Davis’ Birth Story

Gosh, I was thinking that I would be really good at this blog thing! It’s been too long since I have updated! But, I have been a little busy lately! Davis is such a great baby! He lets us sleep at night, going 3-4 hours between feedings. He wakes up to eat, but only whimpers, no screaming! Tonight will actually be the first night he sleeps in his own crib. Mommy’s a little sad, but I’m sure that will be fine! We bought a video monitor with night vision, so I will be able to see him.

So, here’s the scoop on his birth story…how he entered the world, and changed our lives for the better! Beware though, it is long. Read it in parts if you need to!

Tuesday the 6th, I had a weird day. I went to Target and started buying things that I didn’t need. Like fabric softener. I then went home, vacuumed the entire upstairs, then wiped down Davis’ blinds in his room. I was panting by the time I was done, and then started cramping. I remember thinking that surely they weren’t contractions. They weren’t strong enough and felt like minor menstrual cramps. We watched the Razorback basketball game that night and I spent it curled on the couch. Not feeling good. They kind of tapered off, and weren’t time worthy. I didn’t sleep AT ALL that night. I watched the clock and tried to make sense of them. Finally, at 4:15 am I woke Ryan and told him that I was going to take a hot shower, and maybe we needed to go into the hospital to be checked. I still was not convinced that these were contractions. I just knew that they would send me home. And, I was supposed to be induced the next day anyway. So surely this wasn’t it! Also, who ever has their baby on their due date? So, I took my time showering, and making sure that we had everything together in our bags.

We got to the hospital at 6:00 am. EXACTLY 24 hours before we were supposed to check in for induction. They hooked me up to the monitors in triage, and I was definitely contracting! They wanted to watch me for 2 hours though, to make sure that it wasn’t false labor. Ryan watched the monitor the entire time, telling me when I was going to have a contraction, and when it was almost over and ending. I think it did him good to have a “job”. Something to keep his mind occupied!  The doctor finally came in at 8:00 and said “Do you want to have your baby today?” It was pretty exciting, but I was a little sad that my doctor wasn’t on call that day. At this point, the contractions were getting stronger and more uncomfortable. It was getting harder to stay still through them, and the nurse kept reminding me to breathe through them. FINALLY, they admitted me, and I was in my room. Once I got to the room, the contractions really started picking up. I was sooooo uncomfortable. They had taken my blood in triage, and were waiting for the lab to send the results back so that I could have my epidural. It took about 3 hours! By the end I was yelling, “where are they?!?!?!?!?” I couldn’t wait ANY longer. Finally, the angel walked in. I got my epidural, felt one more hard contraction, and was golden the rest of the time! I couldn’t feel a THING! Before I knew it, I was a 10, and the family left so I could start pushing. This was about 3:00 pm. Evidently, I was so numb that I could not feel where to push, so they turned the epidural off! HOLY COW! I was in so much pain, by the time I pushed him out, I was swearing off any more kids! I had no idea it would be that painful. I have never pushed myself to my limit before then; never felt that level of exhaustion before. But, the amazing thing, is that the memory of it is soooooo vivid! I will never forget the moment that he came out, and they placed him on my belly. He was warm and slippery, and I could not believe he was here, and he was OURS! Even all wet and slimy, he was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life! His birth was the most painful, amazing, emotional, beautiful, and unforgettable experience I have ever had! And I have to say, I could not have done it without Ryan. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about what his emotional state would be like leading up to the end of the pregnancy. I had a few episodes of “false labor” and he came a bit unglued. But, on THE DAY, he was amazing. He was the best coach. Calm, cool, and collected. He was giving me encouragement. Pushing me forward, holding my legs, telling me I was doing great, and keeping family members waiting out in the lobby updated on my progress by texting them. He was a true champ. I fell in love with him a little more that day!


Davis & Mommy

Davis & Mommy




Davis & Daddy

Davis & Daddy











Cone Head

Cone Head

That was hard work!


Worn out from the big move!

Worn out from the big move!


2 thoughts on “Davis’ Birth Story

  1. What a beautiful story! Davis is absolutely precious. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you to cherish these first few weeks together 🙂 he will grow up before you know it!

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