Random Thoughts Friday

1. I HAVE to find a new name for this blog!

2. I am so happy prayers are being answered for baby Harper!

3. I hope Davis sleeps a while so I can finish laundry.

4. I’m excited about going to Springfield this weekend…

5. …because I have cabin fever!

6. I need some new clothes, I can’t wear maternity anymore!

7. I am glad we are finally thawing out from this storm.

8. I could cry when I see all the devastated trees. Especially at Old Main.

9. I have a lot of pregnant friends! Yay for all these babies! (Carrie & Chris, Carri & Ryan, Jodean & Stephen, Brigette & Pawel, Meredith & Bryan, Shannon & Jeff)

10. I am having a great maternity leave.

11. I am scared about taking my baby to daycare for the first time.

12. I want to start National Board Certification next school year. 

13. I wish my parents were closer so that they could spend more time with Davis.

14. I love our new president.

15. I’m nervous but hopeful about our economy.

16. I can’t wait to start running again! I miss the runners high!

17. I have lost 20 lbs since giving birth.

18. I’m already thinking about lunch!

19. I hope the groundhog DOESN’T see his shadow.

20. I am thankful my husband and I have jobs.

21. I worry about being a good mom.

22. Davis probably needs a diaper change, but I don’t want to wake him up.

23. I want to learn how to be one of those people that clip coupons and actually use them.

24. I need to go grocery shopping.

25. I am surprised at how many thoughts are in my head!


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