May 2009

I am sooo ready for this month to be over! 6 more days of students and SUMMER! I want to be able to be home with Davis everyday for a while. 

Davis, by the way, is almost 5 months old now! As of his last appointment he weighed 14lbs. I know he weighs more now, because he feels heavier. He has chunky thighs! I love them!

Here he is at 4.5 months…

Davis 4.5 months


He has started cereal at night; which he loves. We plan to start fruits and veggies this summer. I know he will love them. 

He has also been grabbing his toes and chewing on them, babbling, and even waving bye-bye as of late. He also likes to blow raspberries.

He also had his first trip to the zoo!


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