Last Day of Summer

Worn out from play group!

Worn out from play group!

Here we are, the last day of the summer. It has really flown by and I am going to miss being home with the little guy everyday. I am a little excited about being in a routine again, though.

This morning we went to our last play group at our friend’s Lindsay & Ian’s house. Lots of kids were there, and Davis always has a great time watching the older ones play. He’s getting to where he plays with toys more. I could watch him play all day! One of my favorite times with him is when we play with toys in the floor.

Okay, here we go. I feel like if I say this now it will feel more real. I’m getting back into running again slowly but surely. I am signed up for the Tulsa Marathon in November. I’m on a relay team called Mama Jog. I am going to run the 5th leg, which will be 6.2 miles. I’ve done a 10k before, so I know it’s possible, but I am sooooo nervous! I still have 4 months to train. Totally doable! I just need to be consistent in training. So, I’m sure I will be posting about my trials and tribulations with running!  I plan on doing the Chili Pepper 10k in October, and the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning. So, that will be helpful. Wish me luck!


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