New Teeth and Grammies and Grandpas and Memes and Pawpaws

Guess who’s getting his top teeth? We had a few nights of fussing but overall he’s handling teething really well! He’s also pulling up all the time. I know before too long he’ll be walking everywhere. Now that Davis has all these new teeth, we are giving him snacks. He eats puffs and yogurt bites and it’s so cute watching him try to pick up these little snacks. He also loves books. They are his favorite thing right now.


Labor day weekend and last weekend were weekends for grandparents to get a little “Davis time”! We went to Table Rock to the Slone’s lakehouse for Labor Day. I thought it was going to be the summer’s last hurrah with boating, jet-skiing and tubing. I think we went on the boat once. The weather was rainy mostly but nice. The mornings were great. We needed sweaters. It made me soooo ready for fall to come!


Davis was pretty much happy anywhere. We brought his play yard out to the balcony so that he could play while we ate breakfast.


Even though it was a long weekend, it went way too fast. Lakehouse weekends always do! It’s such a relaxing place and I always feel as if I’ve been on vacation when I leave.


Last weekend we went to Texarkana to spend the weekend with my parents. Meme and Pawpaw got a lot of Davis time too! He inherited his cousin Caleb’s Radio Flyer wagon and posed in mommy’s first Halloween outfit. Yes, I was a devil for my first Halloween! My mom always made our Halloween costumes, and I fully intend on doing that for my kids. I have one in the works now for Davis! It’s a surprise!


We went to Sam’s Club on Saturday to visit my Aunt. She’s a demo lady there on the weekends. She is in LOVE with Davis. And Davis loves her, but he’s not too fond of the hair net!


Before we left on Sunday Davis took his morning nap in Pawpaw’s lap. My dad doesn’t get to see much of Davis because he stays very busy working 6 days a week! Ugggh! So I wanted dad to have as much time with him as he could.


As for the running that I mentioned in an earlier post; I have finally gotten a schedule going. I do long runs every other day, and short runs in between. Right now my long runs are only 2 miles. I have a ways to go, but the Chili Pepper 10k is next month. I need to get this rear in gear!


This weekend we have Jane Tucker’s 4th birthday party, the farmer’s market, Allee Cooper’s 3rd birthday party, a tailgating party for the 1st home football game, and the football game itself! Busy weekend but should be lots of fun!


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