1st Birthday Photos

We had Davis’ 1st birthday party on January 9th…a Saturday.

It was an Elmo themed party.

Wow…all these people are here for me? Yikes!

24 Elmo cupcakes…yes I decorated each one individually!

The cookie cake was for spill-over. I wanted to make sure we had enough.

Even Elmo came to the party.

These balloons just scream…”Hey, we’re having a party in here!”

Adorable, little Jonah came to join the fun!

Barb, Brigette and Dominik were there too! Belinda is around somewhere toting Lucy around in the belly.

Momma trying to keep Davis in the chair and the hat on his head. Not easy.

There he goes. He’s not fond of hats.

Oh wow…this is great stuff!

Daniella and Alexa Olmos came all the way from KC to celebrate with us.

Mom…why have you never told me about this stuff before?

Looking brand new after being cleaned up! The sugar rush hit later!

Kyler and his daddy. One of Davis’ many BFFs.

So much fun! We can’t wait for Dominik and Kyler’s birthday parties! They’re next!


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