1st Haircut!

What a handsome guy!

Last Saturday we took Davis for his first haircut. I really wanted to keep it long, but it was starting to look shaggy-bad…not shaggy-cool. So, we took him to Pigtails and Crewcuts in Springfield, Mo.

He did great, and didn’t scream or cry. (Probably because he was too busy watching the little boy beside him was throwing a fit!)

Here are some pics of the experience…

Such a fun place!

The before...in an a cool police car.

The lady showing him that what she had was "just water".

Sitting still is difficult when you're just 1!

Getting closer to being done! (Aunt Debbie from Anacortes, WA in the background!)

Almost done!

We ended up opting for the “1st Haircut package” which includes a folder with his name and date of the haircut, a little baggie for his lock of hair, and a picture


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