It’s Thursday

I didn’t have an interesting title for this post because there’s no reason for this post. After watching Julie & Julia this past weekend I have been “kind-of” inspired to keep the old blog updated. I know that family would want me too. Especially those of you that don’t get to see Davis that often! I’ll try…no promises, but I’ll try!


Yesterday was down-right beautiful so we had dinner at Wilson Park. Why does food taste so much better when you take it out of your kitchen environment? It was the yummiest chicken salad sandwich I ever had!

Here are some pics of us with our little guy:

We had such a good time. Sometimes the simple things can make you so happy!

It sounds really random to talk about movies and books in this post, but I’m going to anyway…I LOVED Julie & Julia! Ryan actually asked me if I would cook some of the recipes from the Julia Child cookbook! I wondered if he was in the same room when we were watching it! Some of the things that girl went through…Jeesh!

I am almost finished with the book and it was okay compared to the movie. I NEVER EVER  say this; but I liked the movie better! I always enjoy the book more. Maybe it’s because I broke my unwritten rule of never watching a movie until I’ve read the book. I’m not done with the book yet…I’m a little OCD in that way. I’m anxious to finish it though because I have a series lined up after this one…the Sookie Stackhouse books! A little guilty pleasure…have not seen the True Blood series yet, will wait until I’m done to enter that dark side! I’m not a huge vampire fan, but some of my teacher friends have RAVED about the books…so I’m sold before I’ve even started.

I’ll have to get through The Annotated Mona Lisa first as well…2 more weeks until my National Boards Assessment until I am done for good! WHOOHOO! Until November at least when I find out my scores…eeek! If I fail miserably…ugggh…don’t even want to think about it.

Wow, this post is a jumbled mess! 🙂


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