Where Did the Weekend Go?

Monday already? Seems like yesterday I was driving home from work thinking TGIF. Why must the weekends fly by so fast? Only four mondays until summer break! 🙂

We had a nice weekend. It started with storms; pretty scary storms that threatened to drive us under the stairwell but never did thank goodness! My sister didn’t fair so well though. Little Rock had several tornado warnings, and one even touched down in her neighborhood! Thank the Lord no damage though!

Here’s a pic from Saturday morning at the farmer’s market. We didn’t get much…walked around and picked up some honey hoping to help with allergies. I never knew this until recently; and I looooove honey.

Saturday early afternoon Ron, Julie, Stephanie and Grandma met us at Common Grounds for brunch. Then, the girls went shopping. We got some fabulous vintage jewelry at Mae’s off of Dickson Street. Love that place! We ended the week by going to church Sunday morning where Davis would NOT stay in the nursery. I think it’s because there is someone new in there every time he goes. We always try again though…it’s hard to pay attention to the message when you are waiting for your number to flash on the screen! (Every child is assigned a number when checked in.)

I am looking forward to another one at home this next weekend. The Joe Martin Stage races start on Thursday and I know that Ryan will want to watch them. Maybe we can get a good spot at Jose’s so I can drown the boredom with a margarita! They are pretty exciting though…it’s pretty neat when hundreds of cyclists are barreling past you. And Sunday is my 2nd mother’s day!


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