Banana Pudding & Memorial Weekend (A Little Late)

I made banana pudding yesterday morning for a playdate with our friends Belinda & Lucy, and Brigette & Dominik. I knew Davis would love it because he’s got a slight obsession with “nanas”. Here are the pics from our little cooking experience. (No cooking occurred; it was instant pudding! :))


It was so funny watching him trying to lick it all off!

He loved it! And he is a tough critic! He's not the easiest kid to feed!

Between Davis & I, Belinda & Lucy, Brigette & Dominik, and leaving some for Albert; there were no leftovers!

These are just a tad late; but we had a busy Memorial weekend! We started by meeting my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew in Ola, AR where my Grandma lives. We visited Grandpa’s grave, had lunch and visited until it was time to leave for Lampe, MO to spend the rest of the weekend at the Lakehouse. I always love visiting with the family. It reminds me of the old days.

Grandma @ Grandpa's gravesite.

My dad with his momma.

G-ma & G-pa's one lives here now; and it holds sooooo many memories!

Davis & his Gammaw.

3 generations!

Davis & I, Lissie & Caleb w/ Gammaw.

Once we got to the Lakehouse; Davis got to take his first boat ride! He was not a fan of the life-jacket. You can tell by his face. He loved the wind in his hair though! He was fine as long as the boat was moving. Stopping was a different story!

Walking with Bapa to the boat dock.

"I can do it myself!"


Dada & Davis walking to the boat.

"Are you coming momma?"

Finally on the boat.

Such a cutie.

First time in the life-jacket.


Captain Bapa & the skipper!

"Are you serious? You want me to get in the water?"

"This isn't so bad!"

There's nothing like a nap on the boat!

Such a fun weekend!


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