This little guy is just growing too fast. I have really been amazed at the things that he is doing lately. He’s not a baby anymore; he’s a toddler. 😦

1. He’s using many words these days. Here are several and there are many more: Mama, Dada, vroom-vroom, ruff (Bark), shoes, open please, boo-boo (skinned knee), Bapa (Grandpa), kitty, Mow (meow), poo-poo (do I have to explain that one?).

2. He seems to understand everything we say and ask him to do.

3. He puts together puzzles.

4. He sings and dances like a maniac!

5. He cleans up his toys when we sing the clean-up song.

6. He sometimes sits indian-style while playing.

7. He can copy melodies to songs and in the right tune! (I’m convinced he is a musical genius!)

8. He says “All-done” when he is finished with anything. (This sometimes happens at the wrong times like when we are in the car!)

9. He folds his hands and says “Amen” at the end of a prayer.

10. He says “art” when he sees a painting. (I’m quite proud of that one! :))

11. He says his ABC’s; not perfectly, but in the correct tune!

I can’t believe how fast this year and a 1/2 has gone! Where did my baby go?


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