Halloween 2010

Halloween night was a lot of fun! I love our neighborhood for trick-or-treating. We get TONS of kids and all of the houses look so festive.

Our friends Carri and Ryan brought their little boy Kyler (Handy Manny) over, Belinda and Albert brought Lucy (pink sock monkey) and Brigette and Pawel brought Dominik (brown sock monkey). My parents and Belinda and Brigette’s parents were there too.

The kids were so very cute and the boys were all trick-or-treating like pros! Lucy’s still small but she’ll be at it next year! 🙂

Eeeeek! The witch and Bill Compton look scary! But the frog and Handy Manny sure are cute!

My dad has so much fun passing out candy! He did take the mask off for the little ones though!

Meme-oww...cute huh? I did the make-up!

Not much for decorations...but we have big plans for next year! 🙂

Handy Manny


Brown Sock Monkey

Pink Sock Monkey and her Mama

The boys

Yes, the child is eating candy!

Davis had a habit of grabbing his own candy. Ha!

We are so blessed to have such good friends that live close! It is amazing to see how we have grown as families! I can’t believe we are parents now and seeing Halloween through the eyes of our kids. Good times!


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