Kindermusik and Giving Thanks

Day #3: I am thankful for my sister and the little peanut growing inside of her belly! 🙂

After missing two Kindermusik classes we were glad to get back to it! Here are some pics of class last night.


Partnering up with Kyler.


Come here; let me cover your head with this!

Fine, I'll just cover mine.

Still scarf-dancing


Future drummer

Hiding the sticks

Putting the sticks away "gently". 🙂


Listening to toast...toast. ??????

Swinging in the hammock. He didn't want to do this at first but after watching all the other ones do it; he tried it.

Loving the look of uncertainty on his face.

Parachute time! This was a BIG hit!


There's nothing like a room full of screaming, giggling toddlers!

Reaching for the sky

Ending the class with two stamps from Mrs. Ruth. This is a "must" and results in a happy boy running around showing off his hands. 🙂


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