Nice Morning

Day #24: I am thankful for mornings like this.

These photos pretty much sum up our morning. I love days like this!

Coloring seems to be a favorite lately.

Coffee (sans the to-go mug), morning tv, and a mag on the iPad! Love it!

All was peaceful until the “explosion”. I probably should not have fed the little guy a pancake AFTER a bowl of applesauce-banana oatmeal. :-/ He had a fun time in the bath though!












There’s nothing like natural daylight streaming through the window to make for a good photo.

All clean and ready to face the day!

Now, we are ready to go on a little run. Tomorrow morning is the Turkey Trot 5k in Springfield, Mo. I’ve run it every year except when I was pregnant. A little anxious because I’ve maybe only run 3 miles a handful of times in the last couple of months. eeeek!


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