Thanksgiving Weekend

Day #25-28: I am thankful for a full weekend to spend time with our families.

What a great weekend! We started by driving to Springfield Wednesday night. Thanksgiving morning was the 16th Annual Turkey Trot 5k so we got up early and drove downtown. We had pretty much decided the night before we were not going to run it because the weather was going to be bad…in the 20’s and sleeting is not ideal running weather. But, when we woke up the next morning we decided to be crazy and do it anyway! Apparently we weren’t the only crazy ones! We were only 3 (Ryan, sister-in-law Stephanie and I) of 7,100 runners!


This is us after a 3 mile run in freezing weather. Note the red faces!

After the run, we stopped at Starbucks then went home to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, shower and head to the lake house for Thanksgiving dinner!


Snow on the way to Lampe, Mo.

I love the lake house at all times of the year. I’ve seen some of the BEST sunsets here.


Table Rock Thanksgiving sunset

My mother-in-law sets beautiful tables. I always tell her she should make a business of it!

Darn good Thanksgiving meal

Friday morning we set off for Thanksgiving in Little Rock with my family. My sister offered to take over hosting this year. It was fun to see all of the kids together. The weather was perfect for them to play outside while we got things going in the kitchen.

Davis riding Caleb's toy four wheeler


Caleb skateboarding

My mom was sweet enough to make all of the women in the family aprons.

From left: Aunt Nita, cousin Michelle, yours truly, sister Lissie, Mom, cousin-in-law Lindsey, Aunt Carolyn (Nanny), adopted (but not really) sister Kim, and Derek’s (brother-in-law’s mother) Beverly.


Cousins in age-order: Caleb 8; Allee 4; Davis 1; and Madeline 10 months.

This is my sister and her family. Thanks to them for hosting our family Thanksgiving!

Lissie (baby Lewis; due in April), Derek and Caleb.

Tonight we went to a local Christmas tree shoppe and chose a Frasier Fir. I sold the artificial tree in the garage sale I had a couple of weeks back to start a new tradition with Davis. I’ll post about that tomorrow!



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