Posted in December 2010

Vintage Goodness

Commercial Street in Springfield is fun, fun, fun and full of fabulous finds.                         Advertisements

December 23

Davis is doing better! His medicine seems to be working and all he is left with is a nasty cough. I think the inhaler is making him a tad hyper though…he is a wild man! I really can’t tell if it’s the medication or the onset of the terrible twos! I am LOVING the new … Continue reading

Ikea+Me=Happy Girl

So I ended the last post saying that Davis felt awful…he had good reason; type A flu and RSV. My poor baby really was sick. Mom and I took him to an urgent care clinic yesterday and diagnosed him. I hate clinics. I felt like germs were crawling all over me and was exhausted from … Continue reading

Toddler Christmas Party

Our friends had a little Christmas get-together for the toddler-friends from Kindermusik. Cookie Decorating, playing and gift-exchange! (I loved the gift-exchange idea…we picked a gently used toy to exchange with someone else!)                                               … Continue reading

Twinkle Tee

Davis (and mommy) loves his new T-shirt from Brittany from!!!! There are some SUPER-CUTE designs. Every baby/kid should have one! Check them out on facebook too!