Road Trip & Norwood Family Christmas Party

Early Saturday morning Davis and I hit the road for Texarkana to spend a little under a week with my parents. Honestly, I can’t stand the drive between here and there. It is like torture and I’d rather stick daggers in my eyes…but I do it for the love.

Music does make the drive better though. Here are some things that helped make the time on the road more manageable…


best podcasting ever



SUCH a good album



another good one

and when this little guy WASN'T doing this...


these wise guys...yikes

this is the reaction they get...pure joy!

Once we FINALLY got to our destination…we went to my Uncle’s house for a little Christmas party. Ryan didn’t get to join us because this weekend was the annual “boys weekend lake/cabin weekend”. He’s not a fan of us being away for a week…we’ll miss him too! But, we did ichat tonight, and we probably will every night!

he got the cutest little sock monkey!

I really think we look alike here...

Davis and Aspen...second cousins

Me and my lil' sis...and her little one...5 more days until we find out if it's Devon (girl) or Brooks (boy).

Davis and Jayce...another second cousin.

It was a fun evening hanging out with family. We did an ornament and cookie exchange. (I was the ONLY one to bring a HANDMADE ornament…the best in my opinion!) We played “Dirty Santa” with them; and the one that I got I loved…until my aunt took it away from me! 😦

I made another one of these...hopefully this one doesn't get broken! 🙂

We’ll be heading back north (home) on Thursday for Christmas. I’ll be bringing my mom back with me, and my dad will follow the day after. Fun times!

As we speak…Davis is feeling awful. He’s been running a fever and sleeping fitfully. I’m taking him to a clinic tomorrow to get checked out. No urgent care clinics open here on Sundays, and the ER is more of a risk than waiting it out ’till Monday. We shall see.


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