Ikea+Me=Happy Girl

So I ended the last post saying that Davis felt awful…he had good reason; type A flu and RSV. My poor baby really was sick. Mom and I took him to an urgent care clinic yesterday and diagnosed him.

I hate clinics. I felt like germs were crawling all over me and was exhausted from trying to keep Davis from touching everything. Ugggh. Oh, well he was already sick.

He had to have four different medications, one being an inhaler with a face mask. I feel like I am torturing him when I give him a breathing treatment. He just cries and cries…until his face turns purple. When he sees the face mask now he immediately says…”No momma! No medicine!” Tears.

Even though he’s sick we still decided to keep our plans for today since he had been fever-free for 24 hours…

We headed to Ikea today in Frisco, TX. I love Ikea. I’ve been maybe three times and I get as excited as I get when going to Disney World. 🙂

Ikea! (With Dad on the far-left.)

It always tends to feel like an all-day affair, these Ikea trips. We drive three hours from my parent’s house, stop for breakfast, shop a little, eat lunch, shop some more, then head back home for three hours. Here is Davis enjoying the nutritious lunch; applesauce and apple juice. He didn’t eat his mac n’ cheese. The poor thing has lacked an appetite since being sick.

An "apple" of a lunch. (I am so not funny.)

Davis and I posing on a bed...reminds me of 500 Days of Summer. (Excuse the unbelievably unflattering angle...jeeeeez.)

I was laughing in the photo above because there was a woman waiting and staring at us as we took the picture. I assume she was waiting to enter the “room” to take a look at the bed or something near it…but it reminded me of this scene in the movie I mentioned above.

"Honey, I don't know how to say this, but there's a Chinese family in our bathroom." ~Jonathan Gordan-Levitt


Although I love Ikea…it is so very hard to stay focused. Before the trip requires the making of a list of what I am going to get to avoid impulse buying. That place is the MECCA of impulse buying. I constantly have to remind myself I DO NOT need a kitchen funnel just because it’s 99 cents.

It was fun though…and here is a list of things that I did leave with…


1. A laundry hamper for Davis’ bathroom. (Needed)

2. Cork trivets for hot stuff. (Not-needed)

3. Light bulbs for an Ikea lamp bought during a previous trip. (Needed)

4. Wooden train set for a train-loving toddler. (Needed? Right?)

5. 99 cent picture frames on a pedestal to hold numbers for the tables in my classroom. (Not-needed, but fun!)

6. New breakfast nook table (Needed)

7. New dining room table (Not needed, but wanted; Christmas present.)

All fun stuff!  I can’t wait to see how the tables look in our house. We have been slowly moving to all white furniture. I love the simplicity and cleanness of it. I’ll try to remember to post pics of them in the house. Big days coming up though! Merry Christmas!


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