December 23

Davis is doing better! His medicine seems to be working and all he is left with is a nasty cough. I think the inhaler is making him a tad hyper though…he is a wild man! I really can’t tell if it’s the medication or the onset of the terrible twos!

Here's the little guy with his new Little People Nativity Scene...thanks Grammie & Grampa!

The stockings are hung on the bannister this year to keep little hands from pulling them off the mantle. 🙂

I am LOVING the new dining room table. It was relatively easy to put together and Ryan and I worked well as a team last night. I love how the white pops against the wood floors. It fits much better in our dining room.

Dining room table

I was a bit sad/mad/frustrated last night when I unpacked the breakfast table and realized it was bar height and not table height! Uggggh! I DID NOT want to ship it back, and there was no way I was going to drive back to Dallas. So, once we got it put together it began to grow on us. I love it now. The problem is we have no stools. I think we’ve found some we’d like to order.

Breakfast nook table

Potential bar stools

Tomorrow we have a house-full coming to celebrate Christmas…I need to get in the kitchen and finish baking!


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