Falling Off the Wagon

I’ve already semi-ruined one of my New Years Resolutions of blogging more. 😦

Here’s a sample of what’s been going on lately with us:

We’ve had a few really nice days this month. This was a Saturday a couple of weeks ago; we spent the whole day outside. So nice!

Sidewalk chalk creations


Already a poser!


Beautiful boy

And, just a couple of days later, a snowstorm!

Frog rain boots in the snow...a spring/winter juxtaposition.

Eating the snow...later we made snow ice cream. He liked that much better.

Snow on Branch...we got about 6 inches.

Okay, funs over!

I love the way our neighborhood looks in the snow!

Mommy and Davis

And now, characteristic of Arkansas weather, we are in the throes of a VERY nice weekend. 73 degrees yesterday, and 60 degrees today. But, we are in for another winter storm next week. Where are you Spring???


2 thoughts on “Falling Off the Wagon

    • Nothing compared to yours!!!! But thanks. And happy birthday to Miles! CN you believe our babies are two? Weren’t they just newborns?

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