And lots of it…here are some pics from the snow we’ve been digging out of from the last few days. I don’t ever remember seeing this much snow. I do remember getting about 12″ of snow when I was young; about 9 or so. My dad woke us up to see it, and I seem to remember falling in it. But in my memory I’m wearing this little pink silk nightgown. I doubt very seriously my dad would have let me do that. But who knows???

I think it may be more like 18"...I think the ruler was on a stepping stone.

Here's Ryan sweeping a path for his jeep. A shovel would have been nice, but this city is fresh out. Not like we could've driven to get one anyway.

He's a hard workin' man...a hard workin' man.

Yes, I asked him to please fall backward into the snow. He loves me enough to humor me. 🙂

It was so incredibly cold, and probably a stupid move since I have a respiratory infection...but I couldn't resist playing in it!


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