I’m Back…again.

I am just not a good blogger. I wish I were the type that updated everyday.

Here are a few photos of Davis from lately…

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lakehouse on Table Rock. Since we couldn’t get the boat or the jet skis out because of flooding, Davis swam in a wading pool and ran through the sprinklers.








Baw-faw (grandpa) found some turtles on the side of the road. He brought them home for Davis to feed and let go near the water. In the photo above Davis had just eaten a bite of  a “Carla’s Knarly” cinnamon roll from the Baxter Country Store. These things are literally bigger than your head and will feed a dozen. So good.

Davis loves Monica and Uncle Brent! They live in Omaha and came down for the weekend.

This weekend we came to Springfield so that I could take my computer assessments for National Board Certification. I am hopefully finished after a long two years of working on it! This means no more studying and instead reading books for pleasure and painting again! (During Davis’ naptime that is!) This pic cracks me up because my father-in-law photo bombed it! He has a habit of doing that! It’s always funny though.(I just noticed that hipstamatic placed it’s “vintage distressed”look right on my arm!)

Swimming is going to be a huge part of our summer! It’s a great way to get a toddler really nice and sleepy to take a really long nap! I need naps too since I’m growing another human right now, so keeping Davis busy has been really important.

He has loved swimming this year. He was still too little last year for floaties and pool toy; but this year is much different. He can move around the pool without assistance and has much more fun this time.

Oh, the many faces/moods of Davis! The one on the left was his “monster face” that he gives me when he’s not happy. I had just told him that we had to go in because it was lightning. And the one on the right was 1/2 a second later when I said he could have some chocolate milk! 🙂

Later when the sun came out we went at it again!


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