Fun Foto Friday & Playing Catch Up


I love this photo. Both boys have a look of pure joy on their little, adorable faces. Makes my heart swell with rainbows and hearts and happiness. 🙂

So hard to believe that today is the last official weekday of summer! We spent it at a play date this morning; and the weather made me yearn for fall. It was seriously perfect. G is in long jammies tonight because it’s in the 60’s. Perfect. 

Here are some updates since I’ve been MIA for quite some time:

1. We had another baby. Ha! G is 9 months old now, and a little charmer. He has four teeth and loves to follow his brother around. Everyday he does something new; today I noticed he’s started clicking his toungue. I remember when D started doing that.

2. D is in preschool and is 3.5 years old now. Crazy how time flies when you are chasing a firecracker! He is seriously something else. Definitely keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure! He has the funniest personality, and he makes me laugh several times a day. He is the funniest guy I know.

3. We are darn-near being debt free! We have been following Dave Ramsey‘s plan since January 2011 and it has been life-changing in the least. The ol’ student loan is dwindling fast and once that’s gone…so long debt! We are trying to decide if we drive to Nashville to scream “we’re debt free!”, call it in, or tweet it. Hmmmm… The absolute most challenging thing (I love a good challenge) has been sticking to a budget. It’s hard but TOTALLY doable. We are doing it and doing it well. 🙂

So, those 3 things have been the focus for quite some time now.

I have been mega-bad at documenting G’s babyhood; so hopefully starting my little blog up again will help me do that. Sorry G!


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