Red Bed

I finally finished painting Davis’ bed. There are many reasons I’m happy it’s done!

5. He was getting way active for the toddler bed! (He moves around ALOT when he sleeps. I think that’s one reason he  was waking every night. No room to move around! As soon as we put the mattress/box springs in his room, that stopped.)

4. Mattress/box springs on the floor does not look cute! (Now that the bed is finished it looks soooo cute!)

3. We’ve had the bed frame for 3 months and yes, it took me that long to paint it! (Having 2 kids, a full time job, being a wife and trying to keep the house going kept me from consistent work on it. A night here and there to paint was all I could manage!)

2. That sucker took 5…FIVE coats of Cranberry Zing!

1. Davis is now sleeping in the bed that his Grammie had growing up! That is the most exciting thing of all! And, Grammie loves the new look!






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