Posted in December 2012

Elf Shenanigans Days 7-19

Elfie’s still at it!  Day 7: Cut snowflakes and made a mess! Day 8: Got into mommy’s Christmas ribbon!  Day 9: Reading D’s favorite winter book.  Day 10: Defaced D’s baby pic. D wasn’t too pleased with this one. He thought it was mean.  Day 11: Elfie got locked out! I guess he stayed too late at … Continue reading

Elf Shenanigans…Days 1-6

Elfie, our house elf arrived last Saturday. He’s a tricky little thing! I was just thinking this morning that I would have been just a little creeped out about the Elf thing when I was little. But D LOVES it! He can’t wait to see where Elfie is, and what he’s done every morning! Day … Continue reading

Babies Grow Too Fast

A late post, but better late than never! G turned 1 on November 9th, and we had his party the next day. It was a precious little family party. The birthday boy’s throne…I love making handmade decorations. It makes things much more special! Bunting for the mantel…will probably hang this in his room.  His little … Continue reading