Babies Grow Too Fast

A late post, but better late than never!

G turned 1 on November 9th, and we had his party the next day. It was a precious little family party.

ImageThe birthday boy’s throne…I love making handmade decorations. It makes things much more special!

ImageBunting for the mantel…will probably hang this in his room.


 His little tiny smash cake…which he did not eat.


 His birthday cake…I stressed over this one! I worried that I would not be able to make a pretty orange icing, or make it 3D, or what I would add to it to make it look like a pumpkin. It all worked out though. I found orange icing and cake mix at Aldi (I am a HUGE proponent of shopping at Aldi. I’ll save that for another post.) and it was a HUGE score! Their halloween stuff was uber-cheap, so I used that. I used a bundt cake pan to make two cakes for the body of the pumpkin, then turned them on top of each other. Then, I used the scrap booking paper from the party decorations to make leaves, etc. Turned out better than I had imagined!


 D was a proud big brother that day!


 Stairway bunting hung over the food table.


 This was the best idea in replacement of a relish tray; no double dipping!


 The cozy coupe was a hit, and it still is in the Slone house! G loves crawling in and out. Even D loves playing with it! He likes pushing G around the house.


 We are trying to get G to dig into the cake! He’s my little eater so I figured he would be all about it. He wanted no part of eating it, but he LOVED destroying it!


 Love both of their faces in this photo!


 Someone’s getting very sleepy!


 Such a good dad!


 This photo makes me laugh every time.




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