Elf Shenanigans Days 7-19

Elfie’s still at it!


 Day 7: Cut snowflakes and made a mess!


Day 8: Got into mommy’s Christmas ribbon!


 Day 9: Reading D’s favorite winter book.


 Day 10: Defaced D’s baby pic. D wasn’t too pleased with this one. He thought it was mean.


 Day 11: Elfie got locked out! I guess he stayed too late at the North Pole and didn’t make it back in time before his magic ran out!


 Day 12: 12 days ’till Christmas!


 Day 13: He loves syrup…syrup’s his favorite!


 Day 14: Trying to eat the gingerbread house. That’s a big no-no @ the Slone House!


 Day 15: This one cracks me up. CRACKS ME UP!!!


 Day 16: Kid trap! D was not amused with this one!

He refused to leave his bed until I removed the bottom part of the trap.

If you can zoom in on his face I highly recommend it! It is PRICELESS!


 Day 17: Elfie got into the peppermints!


 Day 18: Just hanging out with the dinner plates!

D said, “He’s not doing anyfing.”

I have been so creative with Elfie that it’s trouble when I run out of ideas!


 Day 19: I love this one. Too bad D didn’t get to see it!

He had an AWFUL afternoon. He threw many epic fits today because he didn’t nap at school.

So, Elfie had to make an emergency trip back to the North Pole to tell Santa.

I told D that I hoped he’d be back in the morning. Ryan even made up a sad song about Elfie being gone. Ha!

This has been too much fun. BUT, I am running out of ideas!


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