Pinned It, Tried It, and Now I Wanna Share It

We had potluck at work today so I dug into my dessert Pinterest board and decided to try this.

I changed the recipe up a bit and added fresh strawberries instead of frozen for the puree, and banana cream pudding for the topping instead of vanilla. It turned out really good!

I made two; one for work and one for home since husband always wants whatever I make for work. I’m a good wife, huh?

Here’s how mine turned out…


Strawberry Banana Cream Ice Box Cake

I kind of forgot to move my oven rack up a little before baking the first one, so the bottom got a little too brown; but it was still tasty!

Here’s the other recipe I tried today. (Scroll on down to #20)

This soup was really good…AND EASY! The recipe doesn’t call for any salt so you may need to add that, but for our family’s lower sodium ways it worked great.


Cheddar Broccoli Soup

This was me earlier, trying to get this posted. As you can see from the pic, I didn’t get it done. Dinner, bathtime and bedtime over ruled!


Boys love to crawl all over mom when she has her computer out!


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