Tour of My Art Room

This is the first time in going-on-9-years-of-teaching that I have had my room finished by the time school was in session. I’m usually scrambling last minute to get things ready but not this year!

Here’s a tour of my art room…


Flat drawers for student portfolios, paper station, drying rack & my desk.


SmartBoard, learning objectives, word wall and sink #1.


Teaching area for the Kinder and 1st graders.

I have yet to find a good method for spots on the floor for the kids to sit. They usually just come in and sit; but it does cause issues when they want to sit to close to each other!


“Think Spot” (I’ll clarify later), 3D art shelf and supply closet.

I am blessed with an enormously large supply closet!

And now for some close-ups!


Art Sub Tub: I am loving this art sub tub! We (the elementary art teachers) made these together last year. We each brought a sub-friendly lesson plan and activity to fill it with. It also has class lists, emergency plans, my schedule and a map of the school. VERY HANDY!

Next to the sub tub is a tool kit. About half of those little individual drawers hold paper clips, binder clips, tape, post-it and pretty much all the stuff that clutters up my desk drawers.  The other half is labeled with each teacher’s name and will hold name tags for each student. I use these when I hang artwork around the school.


 Something new that I’ve added this year is a supply table. It’s centrally located and easy to access for the classroom helpers. Usually I had all of the supplies on my abundance of counter tops but it wasn’t the easiest to reach for my little ones.


BOOKS! These are for those that finish early. Storybooks are on the left and how-to-draw books on the right.


The “Think Spot”…da-da-dum!

I rarely have to send anyone to this lonely little desk…

But, when I do they sure don’t like it! There’s a small space to work in, you don’t get to talk to your neighbors and you get a little note taken about the incident. Not fun! 😦


These little bulletin boards are right outside my classroom. These will be for highlighted student artists and artwork throughout the school year. Right now I have examples from years past. We are beginning the second week of school tomorrow so I don’t have any current work to hang as of yet. Tomorrow we get to start that! Last week was all rules, procedures and tours of the art room!

Artwork starts tomorrow! I know the kids are excited!


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