Our Little Soccer Player

4 makes a huge difference compared to 3!

Last year, when Davis was 3, we signed him up for a soccer program. We excitedly went to Academy Sports and bought him the tiniest cleats, shin guards, shorts and soccer ball. We went to the first “practice/game” and he wouldn’t do a thing. He wouldn’t budge from our laps and he wouldn’t stop sucking his finger. It was highly disappointing and a huge waste of money. (We didn’t let him know that.)

We decided to try it again and boy was this time different! We took him to a soccer kick-off party a couple of weeks ago so he could see all of his teammates and play. His best little buddy ended up being on his team…so that helps. Once they get their sillies out together they’re pretty good.

We’ve had a couple of practices since then and Davis seems to LOVE it! He is such a fast runner, and Ryan is coaching him on the basics. (His team doesn’t have an official coach yet.)

Tonight we met after school and work at the soccer fields and let him practice. Gavin even tries to get in on the action; in all his toddling glory!






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