Posted in January 2010

1st Birthday Photos

We had Davis’ 1st birthday party on January 9th…a Saturday. It was an Elmo themed party. Wow…all these people are here for me? Yikes! 24 Elmo cupcakes…yes I decorated each one individually! The cookie cake was for spill-over. I wanted to make sure we had enough. Even Elmo came to the party. These balloons just … Continue reading


We got 6-8 inches of snow in NWA this week! Beautiful, powdery snow. Ryan took Davis out yesterday and did a little sledding. Not sure he had such a great time; but he tolerated it! Ryan let him taste it. He did. From the look on his face, it didn’t taste so good! I love … Continue reading

Family Photo Shoot!

Back in November we had a photoshoot with Philip from Novo Studio. He did a FANTASTIC job capturing Davis’ personality. We told him we wanted textural backgrounds so he took us to a abandoned warehouse in Fayetteville near the Mill District and then to an abandoned gas station near Drake Field. I love the outcome! … Continue reading

1st Snow for D-Boy

I really needed the snow day today to get back into the swing of things. But tomorrow too? Really? I am not looking forward to going to school well into June. But, since I can’t change it, I’ll just enjoy it! 🙂 Any extra time I get to spend with my little man is fine … Continue reading