Posted in February 2011

Posting for a Friend

I am posting this flyer for a high school friend of mine. Her brother,¬†Adam Jacob Blanchard, has been missing since February 5, 2011.     I cannot imagine the fear and anxiety that my friend and her family are going through. There are only a small handful of people that read my blog, but who … Continue reading


These snow days have been overall pretty non-productive. I can only do so much with National Boards when I can’t be in my classroom. So, I took a few of Davis’ nap ¬†times to work on some handmade things. These little hand-stitched cards I am soooo excited about. My art-teacher/crafter friend Jen put together a … Continue reading

Thank God for Playdates

We were starting to go stir-crazy in the house; when my friend Carri called this morning and said she and her son Kyler were coming over to play! Thank goodness! Davis needed a change of scenery, so they came over for a couple of hours. We had a nice time talking, and the boys always … Continue reading


And lots of it…here are some pics from the snow we’ve been digging out of from the last few days. I don’t ever remember seeing this much snow. I do remember getting about 12″ of snow when I was young; about 9 or so. My dad woke us up to see it, and I seem … Continue reading